Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Positive tracks...

Well - after a slew of reviews from the two of you who actually read my blog, I am amazed to discover that people agree with me about the whole bathroom privacy and anonymity issues! This shocking development further emboldens me to continue waxing lyrical about all manner of salubrious happenings and turn this blog truly into an allegory of monumental proportions! (how many times did I refer to a thesaurus for that last line?)

Let me pull us away from contemplations of a scatological nature and steer us instead towards an incomplete and wholly biased consideration of bluetooth earpieces. A more asinine invention I have yet to experience (with the possible exception of the lap-pillow) - who in their right minds wants to wander around looking like they are talking to themselves? How do I know if you're talking to me or on your phone?

Then there are those who insist on wearing them even when they're not using them! I was out for dinner with my wife last week and bore witness to a bridal shower where the bride and several of her (presumable) bridesmaids were wearing the things! Is it that important that you be ready to answer a call before it has reached the end of the first ring?! Can the person calling you not wait the extra two seconds for you to pull your phone from your pocket / handbag? I'm sorry, but the 'bling' value of these chunky, flashing, distracting hunks of plastic crap is right down there with the chromed spinners on daddy's new SUV.

Rant over - bring on the morphing kitties:


  1. Are multiple devices referred to as Blueteeth or Bluetooths?

  2. I say "bluetooth" - eschew the usual plurality and go with one of the wonderful constructions that makes English one of the hardest languages to learn!